Some People Are Just Racist Assholes
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So apparently people in my adopted city of Rochester, MN are VERY SAD that over the course of a decade their city has gone from 90% white to . . . 89% white.

I'm getting tired of Random Racist People at the stores I frequent.

I do not mean the customers. I mean the employees.

Like, I went to buy fabric and the woman at Hancock Fabrics (which had recently renovated and I was a bit lost) started in about The Somalians and how they should Go Back Where They Came From. I JUST WANTED TO BUY SOME POLYESTER SHANTUNG, NOT HEAR A TREATISE ON HOW YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE! Like, have you heard about Somalia on the news? Pirates? War Lords? Unclean drinking water? ANY of this ringing a bell? Would YOU want to live there? I wish I hadn't been too shocked that she was SAYING THIS TO AN ACTUAL STRANGER (and customer) to say something.

TODAY I went to Savers, a thrift store that had 50% off ALL THE THINGS because of Martin Luther King Jr. Day (okay, kind of a tacky excuse for a sale, but FABRIC!) and I bought about $55 in curtains and prom dresses and stuff to turn into doll clothes because it was GORGEOUS. And my mom mentioned how there were a bunch of kids (six of them, seriously - and for the record, they were white) tearing up the with no parental supervision - which I hate and HAVE ALWAYS HATED. Look, the toy section is NOT DAYCARE. Keep your kids with you in thrift stores, people. And did they maybe want to send someone over there to find the parents?

Anyway, the clerk she launched into a tirade about this little girl they found once who only spoke Spanish and was lost in the store and "most people don't speak Spanish!" (I was like "LOL, wait a few years. Dumbass." except I was also busy petting the new fabric. MY PRECIOUS.) Like, somehow the Spanish-speaking parents were worse in some way than the English-speaking parents who left their kids alone? (Not saying it isn't crappy parenting, but it's not crappy parenting JUST BECAUSE THEY SPEAK SPANISH!)

But . . . it's MLK Jr. Day. Isn't that, like, the one day of the year you're supposed to reflect on NOT BEING A DOUCHEBAG because someone is different from you? Guess THAT didn't work.

I'll just be in the corner playing with my fabric and considering all the ways I could respond better next time. I hate it when I'm too shocked to respond to someone saying something. Because my brain hamster is going "Wait, is this person ACTUALLY SAYING THIS? In PUBLIC?". Because I'm white I'll agree with them, apparently. Or something?

I don't even LIKE guns
Plum Puddin'
So, this is bugging me. And I haven't posted in my LJ in like . . . six months? More? Whatever. But I wanted to say it SOMEWHERE and this is still sorta my blog so . . . yeah.

I'm mentally ill. I started presenting when I was about 12 and I'm 25 now.

And I honestly have no interest in owning a gun. Because, like, what would I DO with it? And TV has taught me that there are ways to murder people that are WAY harder to trace. You know. THEORETICALLY

But when people say shit like "We should stop mentally ill people from buying guns." my knee-jerk reaction is "Hey, fuck you."

Because, hey, I am well-medicated and ALMOST like a normal person. I can even fake normal for quite a while, it's just tiring.

Now, okay, I can see the logic in not wanting to give a gun to someone with Antisocial Personality Disorder or somebody who is currently suffering from delusions or hallucinations.*

*Interestingly, I get along surprisingly well with people having psychotic episodes. When I was 19 I made friends with a woman who thought she was a hurricane and had caused Katrina. She was one of the nicest people in the adult psych ward. I was the only one on the ward who didn't have a history of psychosis and I made friends with pretty much everyone there for the week I was there. I remembered something my mom said about her job as a Social Worker - you have to accept that what the client is telling you is absolutely true for them AT THAT TIME. So if she wants to be called Hurricane Jeannie? Eh, it's cool.

But how would you implement this? Where would you draw the line? Do you get to look at my medical history? How crazy do you have to be to be TOO crazy to buy a gun? What about somebody who was badly depressed for a couple of years - but, like, ten years ago? Are THEY too crazy to buy a gun? How crazy IS too crazy? What if someone is just dumber than a box of rocks?

So . . . instead of marginalizing mentally ill people MORE THAN WE ALREADY DO, why don't we just say "You know, it's probably a bad idea to have quite so many guns floating around."? I mean, okay, they're all like "Guns don't kill people, people kill people". But you know what? I SUSPECT that the guns probably help. It takes a LOT more force to, say, stab someone to death. (Don't look at me that way, I Googled it. And my mom watches a lot of crime procedural shows.)

And hey, how many guns do you really NEED? I mean, okay, I have a doll collection. A BIG doll collection. I have a rule not to judge anybody's collections even if I don't understand the appeal, BUT I'm drawing the line at gun collectors. Sorry but you can't actually kill anybody with my doll collection. I can not anticipate a situation where I could harm somebody with one of my dolls without ruining the collectors' value. They're not really even heavy enough to work for just blunt force. Though wouldn't that make, like, the best Criminal Minds or Law and Order episode ever? - back when Law & Order was good and Jerry Orbach was alive, anyway So, yeah, I get to JUDGE YOU.

But there's something I DO agree with Jon Stewart on - you can have AS MANY MUSKETS AS YOU WANT. You can dress it up with a bayonet. You can do whatever. Because guns in 1776 were sure as shit not like guns today. (I'm assuming this also means I could have a bow and arrows. Just because . . . I've really always wanted to try archery? Not to shoot at anyone, just to TRY it. And okay, yeah, pretend to be Hawkeye or Other Hawkeye or an elf. But could I have a trebuchet? Are there laws against trebuchet ownership? Man, where would I keep it? This started as a joke, but now I actually want me some medieval siege weapons. And I live in an apartment.)

And then we can focus some of the bazillions of dollars we're spending on stupid shit like war and fix the country's DISGRACEFUL mental health system. Because:

- I've been given DOZENS of medications without the doctor adequately explaining to me OR to my mother (when I was a minor) what they were or why they should be helpful or what the side-effects were.

- I've been forced on progressively higher doses of a medication that made me very ill and exacerbated some physical health conditions - to the point that I faked a blood test to get the idiot psychiatrist to take me off it. (Fun fact: Take one extra pill the night before and your already-high levels that Idiot Doctor has increased four times already will go SKY HIGH and look REALLY BAD DANGEROUS. Don't try this at home, kids. But I was kind of desperate and I don't regret it.)

- I've been on medications that worked, only to be unable to afford them and therefore gone through hellish withdrawals. (Like, actual HELL. Seriously, you don't want to do that. There are reasons they TELL YOU not to stop taking your psych meds. Which is why I haven't on purpose since I was 13.)

- I've been told "Well unless you want to hurt yourself or others, we can't treat you here. There's this one place that has an appointment in like . . . oh, looks like they're booked up for 2 1/2 months."

- I was sexually abused by a therapist.

And NONE OF THAT should happen to anybody.

Wow, Do I EVER Update My LJ?
Plum Puddin'
I do know I have an LJ, I just forget to update it like . . . ever. My life seriously is not that interesting.

I have a terrible confession to make: I didn't vote.

Our apartment was being heat-treated for bedbugs. The preparation for this - and they show up at 6:30 AM but just go home and say "Man it must suck to be you" if you don't prep properly AS WELL AS charging you money - involved moving EVERYTHING into the center of the room. EVERYTHING. Do you know how much fabric I have? Do you know how many DOLLS I have? And my mom is physically disabled and Sam is a little shit. (To be fair, he's 14. And anything that even kinda LOOKS like moving kind of freaks him out. But he's still being a little shit lately.)

So I think working for 28 hours with no sleep and a hurt back so that we could kill the bugs was a worthy goal and I already knew MN was leaning toward Obama anyway. (I have hundreds and hundreds of bites on my body, they itch like hell, and it is EXTREMELY UNPLEASANT. And they're really gross to kill.) Now, I'm Democrat-boardering-on-Communist, but if Romney had run on an "I WILL KILL ALL THE BEDBUGS" platform, I would have seriously considered it.

But then, he's from fucking Bloomfield Hills in Michigan. (Anyone on my Flist from Michigan knows what this means on a more intimate level than just reading "Oh gosh, Bloomfield hills is the fourth(?) wealthiest city in the US".) He probably has a bunch of under-paid undocumented immigrants to take care of HIS bedbugs and he most assuredly doesn't have to move EVERY GODDAMNED THING HE OWNS.

Why isn't there anything in the Bible that says "God Hates Bedbugs"? I might actually subscribe to a religion that went with that. (Nah, I'm fucking with you. Religion is too much work.)

It was kind of cool-slash-disgusting coming home (the bed-bug people ) and Sam said "What are all those seeds on the ground?". I looked and they were HUNDREDS OF BEDBUG CORPSES, OH MY GOD, EW. "MAMA, I AM SORRY TO ASK THIS OF YOU BUT PLEASE CLEAN THESE UP, I HAVE NOT SLEPT AND CAN NOT DEAL WITH THE GROSSNESS OF IT IN MY SLEEP-LESS STATE!"

So, um, yay Obama! Kinda saw that coming, but yay nonetheless. Minnesota also had another "Marriage = One Man, One Woman" proposition, but I didn't hear how that went, yet. I'm not real hopeful on that front. But Google says Maine and Maryland legalized gay marriage. So, go them! We'll all get there eventually. We just need a lot of old people to die, first, probably. (Down side of the Mayo Clinic being here?)

Our Morman neighbors (very in favor of the Marriage Proposition. Just ONE woman? What would Brigham Young and his 55 wives say?) had so many political signs up outside their window (first one, then three, then five, then six) that I probably could have stood outside said window topless and facing them and they couldn't have seen, such was their view obstructed. I kind of want to post something on their window from the outside along the lines of "Suck it!" or perhaps something more witty, but mostly I'm just tired.

Oh, the bedbug people broke a BRAND NEW (like, we've had it for four months) $350 electric recliner. Like, REALLY broke it. If they don't replace it, I really WILL be pissed. They were apologetic on the phone and they're calling tomorrow so . . . we'll see?

With Mama and Sam asleep there's not really a lot I can do at 1:45 AM to put the furniture back where it belongs. Pictures would be neccessary to convey the level of disruption in our home right now, but I can't be bothered to take any. At any rate my muscles are kind of frozen-up to the point that they just don't want to let me do anything more taxing than sitting here and type. I woke up with charley horses in BOTH LEGS - DX TIMES FOREVER. I've taken enough Advil to give myself an ulcer if I'm not careful, along with the muscle relaxer they gave me for my back, so I'm thinking rest is about all I can do right now.

The whole bedbug problem being solved ONCE AND FOR ALL has me happy, though, and I slept from 6:00 until about 15 minutes ago. But if you'll excuse me, I slept through the Daily Show thing on the election, so I need to go watch that now.

And after that I'll probably read some Star Trek (newest movie canon) fanfiction to chill out because it's just been THAT kind of day. (I bet the Enterprise doesn't get bedbugs. They do get tribbles, but those are way easier to spot.

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I watched the end of Legend of Korra (well, Book 1 I guess? I don't know what they'll do for Book 2, but whatever.) and it was so amazing and perfect and I CRIED AT THE END. YOU KNOW WHICH PART, IF YOU WATCHED IT. (Hint: Toph was my favorite. Toph's daughter is also my favorite.)

Medication side effects still suck. Possibly contributed to crying, or not.

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RAGE - Mrs. White
The guy who built our computer is a COMPLETE DOUCHEBAG, OH MY GOD.

HE fucked up by doing something wonky with the sound card so that it was set for surround-sound and (insert fancy tech babble here) but not with just a regular TV moniter . . .? And since this computer was built for us on demand, as it were, . . . the hell? So . . . I don't even fucking know?

Seriously, I don't think I've ever been this close to committing homicide while the person was in the room. I sort of wanted to rip out his jugular with my teeth, but that would probably be unsanitary.

Man, Windows 7 is weird if you're accustomed to XP.

Public Service Announcement
Plum Puddin'
It is official: bedbug infestations are worse than the Nazis. (It's possible that I'm overdramatizing. Maybe. Just a little.) Wikipedia says that bedbugs have become a more common problem in developed countries because we don't use the pesticides because they're bad for the environment. To which I say "SCREW YOU, HIPPIES! Bedbugs made me cry."

To All Sewing Friends
WASH YOUR FABRIC, OH MY GOD I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING. Even the NEW stuff from Jo-Ann's or Hancock's or whatever can carry bedbugs because they can transfer from person to person to fabric to other fabric and back to you. Warehouses and delivery trucks are also more and more commonly infested, or so Google tells me. If it's something that shouldn't be machine washed and/or dried (idk, silk or whatever), put it in a bag in the freezer for about three days. Ironing works, too. Bedbugs die at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. That goes double for any kind of fabric-type item that you get used. (Plushies should not be dried because they will generally melt. I recommend freezing them.)

If you're not allergic, I guess it's not a huge deal except that the bugs are gross. If you ARE allergic, it's like mosquito bites only FAR, FAR worse.

I've gotten the bulk of the house cleaned, but the epicenter seems to have been my boxspring mattress. The mattresses and boxsprings have all been doused in Lysol and put in a plastic mattress bag to KILL EVERYTHING. KILL IT A LOT.

Sorry, the whole debacle has left me a bit sleep deprived and stressed out. BUT! No fresh bug bites this morning! That means it's working so far, right?

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Ah, what's new in the life of Emily, you ask?

Well, I found out that the newest historical AG doll is 1812-ish. I don't want her (that's why I have Charotte/#21, duh.) but I think I can profit off of other people's desires for Regency doll clothes. I'm going to come right out and say it: People are nuts about Jane Austen. It transcends mere "fandom" status. I don't know if it's Colin Firth or what (personally I thought he only had two facial expressions in that miniseries - "constipated" and "REALLY constipated". Maybe that was Mr. Darcy's REAL problem - the upper classes at the time ate a lot of meat and considered vegetables to be food for peasants. Dude needs more fiber) I say this as somebody who very much enjoys historical (especially Regency) era romance novels, but I don't much care for Jane Austen.

I need to get to work on some Regency CLOTHES to sell for AG - I have several tested patterns that work well - but I'm finding that with ALL of my projects, when I have the ENERGY, I lack the FOCUS (I want to MAKE ALL THE THINGS) and when I have the FOCUS to work on one project, I'm too depressed and lack the ENERGY. I think it's an aspect of the bi-polar thing cropping up. But I hate it. I have an appointment with the psychiatrist and I think I'm going to have to try an additional mood stabilizer because this just is not working out for me. Besides, I want people to pay me a bunch of money for wee little Riding Habits and such.

I am going batcrap crazy because WE HAVE BED BUGS, OMG WTF BBQ.

[Unknown LJ tag]Background here: I've been having Mysterious Itchy Bug-bite-like Things on my wrists and ankles since October. If you're counting, that's BEFORE we moved to Minnesota from North Carolina. ANYWAY, it's only been getting worse. Things will spread up my arms and legs and to my chest. I've gone to the doctor for it, but it's hard to tell a doctor "Um, well I had this rash thing that itched like hell, but I don't have any right now . . ." and you might make an appointment for two or three days later in the week only to find out that the issue has gone away for now. She looked at it and said "Huh, looks kind of like bug bites. I think it's an allergy, maybe? IDEK" So I was referred to a dermatologist (at which point I was mostly healed up again) who called it "Dermatitis" (read: a rash. Which I knew) and was HORRIFIED that I don't moisturize. (It always seemed sort of girly and superfluous to me. And I have oily skin on my face, so the idea of dry skin did not occur to me, but she was looking at my legs.)

Anyway, I was lying in bed and squashing bugs on the wall - I mean, you know, you get bugs and spiders and such indoors sometimes. It's not pleasant, but it happens, right? I have to kill spiders, too, because I'm the tallest and I'm the only one who can reach them. But as I noticed the fourth or fifth unfamiliar bug in one night, it occured to me "You know, it's pretty weird for a squashed bug to have THAT MUCH blood spurt out when you kill it. The only other one I can think of is mosquitos that have bitten you and . . . wait, I've heard about bed bug infestations becoming more of a problem in cities and stuff. ZOMG WTF GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH AND WIKIPEDIA RIGHT NOW. And these odd little flat brown bug creatures looked just like the ones I'd been squashing. (Don't Image Search it if you want to keep your lunch. Seriously.) AND as it turns out, the bites frequently present in a cluster pattern. Which is exactly what I had.

Furthermore, bed bugs make no distinctions about who they bite, but only SOME people show an allergic reaction to them and some don't notice the bites at all. Turns out I'm the only one in the family who does. (Go me?) I also suspect the infestation is centralized in my room because I haven't seen any of the little bastards outside it.

So we're going to vacuum that shit out of everything, spray the hell out of the mattresses with Lysol and put them in plastic bags, and wash and dry the bedding, clothes, etc in hot water and dry them. DIE YOU EVIL LITTLE FUCKERS. Seriously, I've spent 6 months trying not to scratch my skin off and it turns out it's bugs? DIE DIE DIE KILL.

Gary's friend Dennis is a douche and (as I found out later) a misogynist. Dennis used to work at IBM before he got laid off. Now he has a side business/hobby making computers for people. My mom communicated to him about the possibility of LATER ON making a computer for us, since this one is close to dead. He INSISTED we had to start now because the parts were on sale, and we could pay him off a bit at a tiem. Except then we paid $200 and the price MAGICALLY jumped from $600 to $950. Don't get me wrong, it's a good computer, but some communication would have been nice.

So NOW it turned into "Well if I don't get the full amount by the end of the month, I'm selling it to someone else and I'll keep the $200 you paid". So we're scrambling for the money and I'm pissed and I want to exorcise the demons of Douchery and Misogyny from him. Salt is supposed to be good for that sort of thing, right? (Clearly this is not just an excuse to throw things at somebody.)

Doll News
I sold my Monster High stuff. It wasn't working out. I just really am not a fashion doll sort of person. I like my cute stuff, like Strawberry Shortcake and some of the other cracked out 80s toys and Liddle Kiddles and Dixie's Diner. The "Oooh shiny! Eh, I'm bored. Ooh, new shiny thing!" is a cycle I'v noticed. So rather than looking for something else to collect, I decided to use the money to augment my other collections - like getting the more expensive furniture for my Berry Happy Home or the rare Japanese Dixie Diner dolls. So that's nice and making me happy.

Boldly Going Where No Jabberwock Has Gone Before
Plum Puddin'
Today we're making a trip! It's about a 160 mile circuit (round trip) that includes three out-lying Wal-Marts and three out-lying Targets.

On the list are: The Werewolf Sisters two-pack, Cupid, Outfits, and pretty much any damned thing I want because I just made a killing on Ebay and paid some debts off and can afford it (and don't it feel good? All right now.)

I LOVE toy hunting! *bounce*

Oh. Did I mention I'm collecting Monster High again? Well I am. You may recall that I had most of the VERY FIRST EVER wave but ended up selling it. I think this was a good call because I don't want any of them, . Though getting Frankie's dog Watzit and Lagoona's pirahna with her fishbowl purse are on my to-do list.

I'm trying to do it very carefully and fairly slowly, but still. My Max limit is 4 dolls per character. That SOUNDS like a lot, but when you consider display-only dolls and really unique versions (like black and white Skull Shores Frankie) it makes more sense.

The "There Can Be Only Four" exception was primarily for Frankie Stein, anyway (I don't THINK there are four Draculauras I want, but it could theoretically occur). See:
- I KNOW I want the Ghouls Rule Frankie
- I DO have the Sweet 1600 Frankie (but I don't want to change her clothes unless it's for
- Then they had the rather unique grayscale Skull Shores Frankie for $4.13 at Wal-mart. UNDER $5, OMG.
- But if I want a casual Frankie to just hang out, it'll have to be Home Ick Frankie. And not just because that's the one in stores right now. I really like the sewing thing and, see, I found a store that had the old "basic" Frankie and I just think she looks better with bangs than when her hair was pulled back.

It's not like I'd get 4 of Spectra or something. Awesome though she is, she's also secondary and they've only made/announced two so far, or even Lagoona (who they've actaully, you know, made more than four of). Bear in mind I LOVE Mad Scientist Lagoona, I just don't need four of her. (The exception might be if I found a Dead Tired doll for HELLA cheap. But then I'd still only have two).

Standard "No Boy Dolls" rules apply. That's probably just as well because they're mostly short-packed anyway, but something about the proportions on them reads as wonky to me every time I see one (okay, yes, I HAVE seen the girl dolls, as it happens, but it doesn't bother me with them) and boy dolls just usually aren't as much fun to dress. Even the ones I would LIKE to like (based on characterization) just don't do it for me.

I'm working on drafting a basic pattern (which I would then scan, copy, and change twelve different ways to make more fun things), but the Monster High dolls are SO sway-backed that I DON'T EVEN KNOW. They're going to have posture problems later in life - well, if most of them weren't undead, anyway. So there's some trial and error involved.

I have some neat ideas, but I don't think I'd sell outfits. Too much work for too little reward, you know? I mean, for comparable effort of making a REALLY GOOD Monster High outfit, I could make a REALLY GOOD American girl outfit and sell it for two or three or four times the price of the most expensive Monster High set.

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Oh I think it would be nice,
If I could touch my dollies,
I know not everybody,
Has got some dollies like me, Oooohh

So, I collect Baby Face dolls, right?

I got So Caring Karen, who recently sold on Ebay US for $610 - for about $50. I got So Excited Naomi - last US one sold for $250 in worse condition - for $60 (she's the Asian one). And I got So Playful Beth for $35, and I have no idea how much she runs because I've never seen one on Ebay since I started collecting Baby Face, but I know she IS Hard To Find.

How did I manage this? By using my BBFF (British Best Friend Forever) shinyopals's address to ship them to when the seller flounced and relisted them as UK-only (rather than international) thereby discouraging like 95% of her potential buyers. EMILY FOR THE WIN!

Since life is a musical, the highlights of my collection (cut for lots of pictures)Collapse )

Okay, fine, so it doesn't scan perfectly, but I haven't had a chance to take pictures of my whole collection yet (since some, you know, aren't here yet) and I wanted to show off.

(no subject)
Plum Puddin'
Um, Hi.

So, like I've been meaning for three months to do a "Yay! We're safely in Minnesota and I love it here! Here are all the things I love!" But there are only like maybe four people on here who I don't IM all the time ANYWAY, so I didn't get around to it, and then it seemed kind of stupid to do a post about it three months later. So just pretend I did: We're in Minnesota, I love it here, we have snow, and we do not live in The Hood any longer.

Had a very nice Christmas with lots of dolls including Cecile, who is ranking up there with Addy for Favorite Doll, but doesn't have enough pretty clothes yet.

Recently discovered The Big Bang Theory. Everyone I know on the internet hates it, but I watch like it and I watch it with my mom, so that's okay. (I would love to deny having had some of the geekily pedantic conversations showcased on that series. The problem is I can't.) Also, Wood for Sheep, LMAO

Also enjoying Rizzoli & Isles and this episode of House ever since last season's ending pissed me off.

I've done a couple of commissions for AG clothes, which is interesting, but I think from now on I'm going to primarily do my own thing and sell it, instead - unless you offer to overpay me way way a lot. (Or unless it's a small variation like "Could you do this style you made in this other, different color?")

I am reading vintagely smutty romance novels. The contrast between the 1970s and 1980s versus what they can say today is interesting. I still <3 Loretta Chase, but her second Dressmakers book isn't coming out until June. (Scandal Wears Satin. And if you haven't read Silk is for Seduction yet, why the hell are you talking to me?)

I'm having trouble sleeping. I went to bed at 9, quite tired, and woke up at 11:00. This has been happening several nights running and I am DISPLEASED. I LOVE sleep. Why won't my body let me STAY asleep?

I am pleased that Charlotte Charades, the Creepiest Lalaloopsy EVAR is being made in full 13" size. See mini Charlotte Charades:

When I get the full-sized one, I think I'm going to leave her on your bed so you wake up with her staring at you. Good plan, y/n? (If my sister was a Lalaloopsy, that would be her, horror, pink hair, mime garb and all.)

Tonner finally made a black Ellowyne friend. While Lizette is quite pretty, it is too little, too late, and I kinda want to punch him in the crotch. Couldn't they have done this like FIVE YEARS AGO? How about three years ago? I started writing to them like eour years ago and gave up last year, so . . . suck it, Tonner. (Also, fire that guy who does so much design work for Wilde Imagination. Joe whats-his-ass. He sucks at it. BURN THE FISHTAIL SKIRTS.)

Dolls are very serious.

I think that mostly sums up my feelings lately. I'll try to post again.


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